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Silk small town " kill piece " biology technology " large troop formation "

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  On the product sale price of a few milligram 10 thousand yuan, the workshop of a 2000 square metre can create year of benefit 300 million yuan two " fortune is mythological " , a hunderd schools " small company " annual produce is close one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, the duty that achieve profit is close 2 billion yuan. This is not " incredible story " , the true picture that produces in city of Zhejiang lake state however.
Lake state city is an ordinary small town, total population only 250 much, gross area kilometer of 6000 much square. "Su Hu is ripe, the world is sufficient " " the government office of silk, of an abundant place, writing brush produced in Huzhou " the feature that the appellation of and so on all refracts an economy of its tradition agriculture. Gather together in succession in a few areas manufacturing industry, when some nots hesitate to get temporarily GDP for cost with sacrificial environment even, lake city is defending green water of a green hill toughly. Because they consider from inside contrail of Euramerican progress of a few cities,go out " true classics " : Ranging from... to... the city that contemporary biology economy developeds, the environment is very elegant; Contemporary biology technology is having to the environment strict requirement and depend on. Then, lake city with lead eye, aim at industry of contemporary biology medicine to already became 21 centuries " the source of new economy motivation " strategic direction, the environment that exploits this city picturesque scenery and the traffic area that reach Shanghai Hangzhou peace quickly advantage, on the foundation that waits for traditional biology industry in additive of pesticide of biology animal drug, biology, feed, in order to introduce " the sea puts in a clique 's charge " to start a drop, the key develops property of contemporary biology medicine.
Nowadays, city of state of lake of silk small town just is brought with program start off before the others, own innovation, action wisdom for grasper, already " kill " give biology technology " large troop formation " , occupational the commanding elevation of technology of domestic live thing and huge market share. Zhang Jianxin of researcher of academy of science of life of Shanghai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences says, only center of technology of biology of industry of state of lake of courtyard of scientific research of life of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences already implemented industrialization project 13, 2 projects include a country " 863 " project of special subject of technology of biology of industry of plan new generation, 7 include the science and technology that visit town to tackle key problem project.
Economy of lake state city is in charge of sectional introduction, current, lake state city year sales revenue 20. A 300 million yuan enterprise becomes the countrywide biology pesticide that the Ministry of Agriculture nods surely to produce base. Two enterprises make scale of raw material of countrywide Chinese caterpillar fungus respectively base of the biggest production and Asia are the biggest change should former medicaments develops base. The Yangtse River that does cellular gene project to build share of 500 thousand person with south the oldest pattern is changed, standardization does cellular library. Much tumour diagnoses protein chip to win state of medicine of the first biology of countrywide letter of a kind of new drug, also be first application on the world at clinical protein chip. Successive blood sugar monitors embedded type appearance is current on the world exclusive and formal control committee through American food and medicaments (FDA) the product that approval appears on the market.
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