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Answer silk market low tide always new " 3 action " do line of business of big

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Since this year, always the concussion that new county faces unrest of plumper of value of international silk market, adopt " establish crop of interplanting of catenary of risk gold, outspread industry, mulberry field " 3 action hit out actively resist " drop wet " , go against situation do line of business of big silkworm mulberry.

Always new silkworm mulberry job starts on century at the beginning of 70 time, the year before last year is labelled by Department of Commerce " Dong Sang moves on the west " the project carries out a county, existing mulberry field 40 thousand mus, produce per year pod 1100 tons, have 4 reeling mills, annual produce of industry of mulberry of entire county silkworm amounts to 200 million yuan. During proper progress is great, encounter however international silk market is small this year fan, silk a day of one price, the biggest drop over- half.

To answer market risk, this county is squeezed from inside finance give 700 thousand yuan to develop venture fund as silkworm mulberry, silkworm mulberry buys a company to execute protective price to buy pod, bold acceptance has how to much receive. After waiting for silk market price to rise, after the enterprise gets profit, extract fixed proportional capital to fill from which a venture fund in, take out paragraph and fill a money, change along with market price. This county still introduced to produce per year silk of 10 much beds by -- Jiangxi spy and Kang Zhen silk taste limited company, outspread industry catenary, the product has sale, the price is not low also. This year in September, this company and French beauty inferior Inc. of financial group investment signed the first batch of 5.5 million yuan silk to sell order for goods, the agreement orders goods even more 100 million yuan. In the meantime, prefectural silkworm mulberry does expedite large quantities of technical personnel development growth period of the interplanting between mulberry travel is carried out in mulberry field short, plant is short model crop. Winter, use mulberry field space, cultivate pea, Huang Ya the vegetable such as white, turnip, mulberry rises to take shelter from the wind defend cold action, these vegetable as it happens appear on the market during the Spring Festival, became market popular commodities; The summer, plant the crop such as earthnut, yam, prevent soil erosion action to arrive since mulberry, right skin is having fireweed of block shade fight a drought, control to grow benefit. Mulberry field ground carries out interplanting crop this year, sang Nongxi reaps a bumper harvest, only interplanting every mus of mulberry field is added more receive 1000 yuan of above. This county silkworm raiser is compared every mus this year on year add receive 1000 yuan of above, mulberry field also enlarged 5000 mus, and it is new breed completely " Feng Tian " , " farming mulberry " series, be commended by Chinese Silk Association, be awarded by ministry of national science and technology " science and technology of silkworm mulberry spark is advanced and collective " title.
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