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The customer will respect tea

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Tea is the essential thing in Chinese life, the country that also is China drink. Besides the green tea of the black tea of Euramerican person tipple and Japanese tipple, china still has white tea, yellow tea, green tea (namely oolong) , black tea, chinese tea academia has even " tea is acquired old, tea name cannot be written down " say, of the breed of visible China tea.

The Chinese nation formed much appearance in long years the colorful, tea culture that has rich intention. Be in a few areas of Yunnan, the child is born, parents collects the cake tea that makes in those days, when marrying to the child, open again with will welcome a visitor. In traditional idea of China, "Kind the seed below tea, cannot transplant " , accordingly many places regard tea as the mascot in marriage common, state bridegroom bride lives to old age in conjugal bliss.

Tea is considered as by people in China's long history " the gentleman in drink " , it also is the emissary of peace and friendship. Through tea Ma Gu, tea transmits brotherly people, had 3 tea of tea with milk, ghee, tea to wait again drink tea consuetudinary; Pass the Silk Road of the sea, land, transmit each country of far and near, be born again give out the culture such as afternoon tea of ceremony of tea of Japanese tea path, Korea, England.

Artistically, tea also has its position. Be in Chinese folk, have the song that collect tea, dance that collect tea and a variety of beauty about tea are fabulous. Civil people was to write down the work of countless to praise more tea.

Today, people body can taste the well-known tea of each district of savor whole nation in one place, art house spreads all over the tea in the city the ave is off-street. "Tea art " still walk into a family, many families the tea service with elegant stock and the curiosa of a variety of tea. During the Olympic Games, before the family is surrounded in the television, many families watch the game, most propbably can have sweet tea to accompany certainly beside them. In Olympic Games village the Chinese tea of 200 square metre in art room, the honored guests that come from world each district also can experience the sweet alcohol of Chinese tea.

China has a common saying, "With tea party friend, everlasting " , those who say is the friend that will get acquainted with through tea, the good friend that will become all one's life. China still has old formal, namely " the customer will respect tea " . No less than " Beijing welcomes you " the place in the song sings: "Meet another first sun rays in the morning, bring brand-new air, flavour of breath change affection is changeless, tea is sweet wave full friendly feelings... "

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