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Culture of wonderful China and foreign countries is perforative Gu Jin

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The 4th western Wen Bo can kick off! Vietnam root carve, Korea is literary, jade article of cate of culture of the Hui nationality of waxwork of card of the Shaanxi pottery and porcelain of our country, Tibet the Tang Dynasty, the Hui nationality, Ningxia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and include different country the Gu Jincheng of characteristic of amorous feelings, different people world culture big food, be about now wonderful appear on Qu Jiang international exhibition center. House of culture industry center (A house) , house of historical travel culture (B1 house) , house of international people culture (B2 house) , modern culture house (B3 house) , culture art house (B4 house) in all 5 exhibit a house greatly, rise today will guide an audience to break spatio-temporal with district bounds, seek ancient civilization, touch science and technology did not come, experience different region amorous feelings.
Historical tide hands in photograph reflect vogue to exhibit a stage to outshine the rest
The Korea of quietly elegant of quiet and beautiful " art flavour impression " , gules Ningxia " silk ancient course " , blue Qinghai " hill lake is monochromatic " ... yesterday, can kick off in Wen Bo before today, those who have the foreign amorous feelings such as Korea, Indonesia, Austria, Singapore is big exhibit a stage, what save characteristic of urban amorous feelings with the home such as delegate Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia is big exhibit a stage to already was in A house cloth is exhibited finish.
Qinghai exhibits a stage to symbolize with figure of august water tower the position of downy water tower of the source that Qinghai regards 3 rivers as; Ningxia exhibits a stage to build the urban sign thing of the of great momentum in the center, in order to deepen people to culture stereo perception; Shaanxi exhibits a stage to make full use of the prosperous picture that the method of science and technology such as acoustical photoelectricity makes contemporary and spatio-temporal mean Guang Yicai, clever rise culture evolution and union of historical gradual progress bump popular feeling. Each district exhibits stage body spirit disparate, each show originality, meantime history and tide meet, cultural relic and meet and discuss of science and technology.
Pass through Gu Jinwen of spatio-temporal general view changes marrow bright is dazzing
Culture of art of waxwork craft, calligraphy, painterly art, opera art, museum... save cultural relic bureau, Shaanxi to save tourism bureau, Shaanxi to save culture hall, Shandong by Shaanxi the B1 house that the cloth such as hill of chessboard of city of overseas Chinese of Qu Fu, Shenzhen, Shenyang exhibits, with perforative Gu Jin a bit impress of the times guides remote antiquity of people date from, let his thought flow freely to did not come. A center is exhibited in house of culture of Ningxia return to one's native place, the Hui nationality of history of legend of an indicative the Hui nationality, record is distinctive culture, thick shrink the mosque majesty stand as a mark of respect of course of civilization of the Hui nationality, with it the rich people elegant demeanour of vaulted minaret attracts people to walk into this Temple of God, go understanding silk ancient on the road mysterious guest, appreciate the magnificent history culture of the Hui nationality.
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