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Silk of 10 thousand cities takes on god 7 airship " umbrella "

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Convoy god 7 " God go to the fields " each target is good, still will be activity of flying Apsaras of divine boat series henceforth " close-fitting service "

Dispatch of net of 3 gorge medium (Zhou Qilin of reporter of 3 gorge Metropolis Daily) " hello, is the Xie Dong issue of the silk company that is Chongqing dragon senior? Your company produces bright and beautiful silk uses divine boat cabin of 7 airship orbit, after returning cabin and parachute to go up, the course enters outer space, return ground many sided to examine actually, each index all is admirable, give enthusiastic congratulation! " on October 9 afternoon, the Xie Defu of president of silk limited company of Chongqing dragon, receive the telephone call of congratulate on a happy occasion that Liu Zhong of general manager of limited company of textile of special type of Chengdu of sea of Chengdu of group of Chinese spaceflight aviation makes. So far, produce by this company research and development bright and beautiful silk product uses aerospace field successfully not only, still gained new business chance for company product structural adjustment.

As we have learned, it is successfully this " god 7 " flying Apsaras action takes on the silk limited company of the Chongqing dragon of umbrella, fasten former Chongqing the joint stock company that company of Hua Xishi estate transforms division of 10 thousand states to make and be established in the round, also be the company of old silk cloth that one furniture has research and development of nearly 40 years of silk and manufacturing experience. In recent years, face depression of international silk industry, a lot of silk to produce the bewilderment that company stop production closes down, this company is applied change the agile management after making and development mechanism, increase devoted to product of new and high technology, development and development, be in target lock surely inside the industry on product of new and high pointed technology.

Aerospace industry belongs to sunny industry, its spacecraft interior trim, aerate gasbag and parachute all need strength big, weight is light, antistatic high-grade bright and beautiful silk fabrics. To position can be won in aerospace industry, xie Defu puts working focus in high-grade bright and beautiful on the development of silk, take the lead personally established QC group, increase the development research to the product. Action of flying Apsaras of divine boat airship attracts worldwide attention, for can as soon as possible ascends divine boat airship, enterprise of many 20 silk of the silk limited company of Chongqing dragon and whole nation is the same as stage athletics. Through 3 months much technology tackles key problem, broken saw raw material fibber number fine, broken filament is much, electrostatic wait for difficult problem of many 20 technology greatly, passed sea of Chengdu of group of Chinese spaceflight aviation limited company of textile of Chengdu special type 20 for many times the technology detects, ability of product of silk of the LD01 that its produce, LD06 bright and beautiful presses beautiful women or fragrant flowers, be certainly with good quality and stability " divine boat 7 " operation of manned airship flying Apsaras is special textile is used makings.
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