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The area watersides south lake city this year pod price falls greatly mid-autum

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The silkworm mulberry production this year is from last year chrysalis price drops undertake below the situation of plumper all the way later, especially mid-autumn pod, chrysalis price falls to 500 yuan / load the following (only 470 yuan / or so) . Silkworm raiser psychology breaks down nearly, silkworm mulberry production is sufferred inflict heavy losses on. According to preliminary count, silkworm whole area raises silkworm to plant 55882 pieces in all mid-autumn, decrease 24217 pieces compared to the same period, decrease 30.2% ; Preliminary count always produces pod 2008.7 tons, decrease 817.8 tons compared to the same period, decrease 28.9% ; Income of preliminary count pod eighteen million eight hundred and sixteen thousand yuan, decrease 23.58 million yuan compared to the same period, decrease 55.6% . Analytic reason is as follows: It is long-term price low fan will cause industrial withered, silkworm raiser fosters mulberry sericiculture initiative stricken, exceed as a result of chrysalis price low, make late autumn plants 493 pieces, among them old house guard arrives 23 pieces entirely; 2 it is mulberry field investment breaks a canal less much, because the good weather for the crops mid-autumn and bug mouth are inferior this year,masked this one contradiction. And fragmentary plot still has cause disaster of mulberry snout moth's larva after the hill on mid-autumn (leaf by dispose of) ; 3 it is industrial competition ability drops greatly, mid-autumn Zhang Chong production value only 336 yuan / piece, use worker worker by Zhang Chong 20 labour / Zhang Ji, every labour is worth 16.8 yuan only, far under level of price of local labour force.

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-- information comes from: Bureau of lake city agriculture