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Sichuan south county " Dong Sang moves on the west " project effect strikings

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2006, sichuan south county is labelled country " Dong Sang moves on the west " first pilot county and national agriculture standardize the project demonstrative county. Through industry of nearly two years construction and project project are carried out, end at present, gross of entire county mulberry amounts to 1 . 500 million individual plant, mulberry field area many mus 30, among them mulberry field of put into production is achieved 17. 50 thousand mus; Village of major of the mulberry that build silkworm 826, breed silkworm mulberry owner 316, implantation sericiculture large family many 2600; Be an unit with professional village, professional company into piece or couplet piece industrial belt achieves 425. Development of silkworm mulberry estate resides the cogongrass before visitting front row, whole town completely, "Dong Sang moves on the west " project construction effect is apparent.

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-- information comes from: Bureau of southern silkworm trade