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Flower of center of technology of project of first provincial true silk falls W

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On October 6, as the make known to lower levels that development of science and technology of the 15th batch of provinces planned 2008, wu Jiang center of technology of the 4th provincial project was born. Fill of the modified of silk of Jiangsu province chrysalis of China beautiful group and center of development of research of treatment project technology the blank that visits center of technology of silken project of provincial real silk completely, make coruscate of calling card of this piece of Wu Jiang gives silk the light of dazzling science and technology.

" a chrysalis " make choice, do the United States, do strong the persistent pursuit that is Hua Jia, and innovation of science and technology is its precipitant motivation. In grow in the process that is enterprise of science and technology spin, hua Jia holds to " traditional industry is new and high change " development policy, go own innovation and " produce learn to grind " the way that ties, establish long-term cooperation relationship with the college such as university of aerospace of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing early or late, assume and complete project of science and technology of class of country, province, city 20 multinomial. Be declared after Hua Jiaxian and win domestic and international patent 100 multinomial, among them close half is invention patent. Hua Jia and Suzhou university were established 2005 " produce learn to grind technical innovation center " , the construction that passes two years of time is perfect, was maintained to be 2007 " modified of Suzhou chrysalis silk and center of development of research of treatment project technology " . Come one year, this project technology considers to develop a center only hardware establishment throws many yuan 200, introduce many Master to be born with the undergraduate students, be engaged in new and high technology studying the brainpower of development reachs 50 much people, undertake project of science and technology 3, obtain patent authorization 16.

Powerful talent a disposition of combat forces and force of research and development were maintained " Hua Jia is created " , hua Jia can put in a batch of new products every year, occupy the 10 % left and right sides of group gross profit every year with the capital that innovates at science and technology. The group already ground early or late at present give out the high-tech product such as fabrics of all sorts of new-style environmental protection, function fabrics, formed mulberry silk of bounce of body of mulberry silk of protein weightening finish, functional sex mulberry silk, Peng and Baoxin mulberry silk to wait a series of taste newly group.

Dan Huajia is done not have at this point go no further, the additional cost that makes a product in the light of silk and export volume have very large development space this one current situation, hua Jia thinks the research of new material of high-powered real silk and development of real silk product are to develop at present advocate direction. Beautiful of China of the beginning of the year declares provincial project technology to consider to develop a center, aim to carry the research of material of high-powered modified real silk, gift the property with real silk new material and function, enlarge its to use a field.
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