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Gain of exit coast textile adds fast pelter

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The August statistical data of industry of garment of spin of near future home is announced in succession, from the industry the economic data of each respect treats overall condition relatively austere, have not appear the evidence that improve.

From the point of the data that publish, industry income and gain add fast quickness to drop. According to WIND statistic, before this year income of battalion of proprietor of an enterprise and profit total will be the same as score not to grow in August 15.46% with 3.20% , the industry is added fast drop very apparent, and from the trend that presents to drop continuously since the beginning of the year. Before trade deficit proportion will is in August 21.33% .

What is the main reason that spin industry glides via battalion outstanding achievement? To this, analyst of industry of garment of spin of Oriental negotiable securities applies Gong Mei to think, from child in light of the industry, bring about industry income and gain to add fast the main reason that glides quickly depends on chemical fibber child of the industry periodic drop to glide with exit.

Data shows, industry of 1-8 month chemical fibber achieves gain 4.713 billion yuan, decreased compared to the same period 47.11% . "If deduct the periodic fluctuant influence of chemical fibber industry, the August profit growth before spin entire industry is in 6.2% the left and right sides. " Shi Gongmei says.

Besides chemical fibber industry periodic glide besides, exit glides also is to bring about spin industry to behave lack of power main factor. "Industry exit is added fast drop quickly continuously, only month exit is added fast glided continuously since second half of the year last year oneself, dress drops is advocate because of. " Shi Gongmei points out, suffer the effect with American slow down in demand and global fatigued and weak economy, clothing outlet drops particularly apparent, this also is to bring about entire industry exit to add fast of sharp fall after a rise advocate because of.

Nevertheless, as low as overseas market those who confuse expression to differ is, current data behaves market of sale in domestic market good, supporting whole industry. But analytic personage thinks, market of sale in domestic market or the concussion that will be dropped by exit. In Guo Haiyan of analyst of industry of garment of golden company spin thinks, clothing outlet is added fast drop, merchandise keep long in stock, if export goods changes direction,home market may bring the price to compete. To this, shi Gongmei expresses same point of view, think future anticipates may amend downward.

Besides afore-mentioned problems, regard the fund that restricts industry development as the problem, guo Taijun installs Li Zhixian of analyst of spin garment industry to think, "The problem that at present industry financing place faces does not depend on loan interest rate exorbitant, however the disequilibrium of credit allocation of funds " . According to introducing, a few high grade enterprise obtains a bank to award letter forehead to spend taller, utilization rate is very low however; And the medium and small businesses of many capital difficulty obtains bank loan very hard, must change cost to taller folk leasehold, the difference of financial cost makes industry polarization more serious, restricted the development of the industry. Li Zhixian points out, near future of Ministry of finance puts forward to want to improve environment of financing of medium and small businesses, but concrete executive result remains to observe.
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