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Zhang Xiangguo: The shop is built new " the Silk Road "

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Just passed not of be puzzled year Zhang Xiangguo is boss of big public house of town of president of limited company of development of Chinese trade centre, China at present, hold the position of vice-chairman of branch of Germany of Wen Zhou federation of vice-chairman of federation of mass organizations of total heart Chinese, Europe to wait for a post. As the success of the career, he gains fame in German Chinese circle.
Zhang Xiangguo is born in Zhejiang to visit family of a of lukewarm state city poor farmer, 6 brother sister is shared in the home. Little when, although the life of poor lets Zhang Xiangguo sallow and emaciated, but of parents teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution to let him however as a child nurturance hard-working fine quality and style and strenuous up enterprising spirit. Be in the school, he is assiduous and diligent, every homework is very outstanding, after school, he always also helps the cropland below parents do farm work, get family and neighborhood greatly love.
1980, zhang Xiangguo is reading junior high school 2 grade, his uncle come back to visit one's family from abroad. Because the family is impoverished, the grandma advises in earnest the ground persuades this uncle to go to Zhang Xiangguo belt developing abroad. Uncle visits sweet country clever and academic bright logic, ponder through relapsing, decide to go abroad his belt eventually.
Zhang Xiangguo comes to Holand along with uncle so, the vagrancy that began his overseas is entered swing career. He reads at the same time, work in the cafeteria of uncle at the same time, and the heavy school work that work and did not affect him. After living 34 years in uncle home, zhang Xiangguo realizes he should enter the world independently. That momently, he already excited spellbound, excited is the first pace that should walk out of his to do poineering work eventually, spellbound is how the route should go to this still do not have in the heart.
What he thinks of above all is to look for house of a Chinese meal to become a waiter. Come a few years, he does another cafeteria from a cafeteria, the technology rises ceaselessly, experience is ceaseless and rich, was familiar with the way to do sth of cafeteria already battalion gradually. Later, he is taken out come for years live frugaly gathers dozen of money that rise, opened to hold the cafeteria that has local color of the Three Kingdoms of medium, day, peaceful concurrently together with the family member, meaning of practice have a youthful look unexpectedly exceptionally prosperous, often the guest explodes full, profit also perfectly.
Obtain successful Zhang Xiangguo and do not have be pleased with oneself, want to achieve greater progress however. He came to Germany, because he feels,regarding Germany of European economy locomotive as ability is the place that his career flies. 1995, he borrows the fund that start, dish the restaurant that a Cantonese runs, began 2 times to do poineering work. Be a be worthy of the name then " small shop run by couple " , madam outside the job that the waiter holds a service concurrently to be born, he is become in the kitchen large kitchen. Although busy overworked, but in their heart special sureness; Although storefront is small, but they found true ego here. Husband and wife the two sincerity that need a person, the service is enthusiastic, management in the right way, the business gradually fire rise. Now, this cafeteria has developed become the Chinese town big public house that there is name very much in place. House of management Chinese meal, let Zhang Xiangguo dig the first pail of gold.
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