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Silk course of study is adjusted period 3 great difficulty

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Course of study of our country silk is experiencing wave crest the following adjust period, this year is to enter more " cold winter " . But the Mencius says " be born at hardship, die at peace and happiness " , silk course of study wants sturdy confidence, face up to difficulty, active in hardship " tailor cotton-padded clothes " , answer " in the winter " .

Raw material market is small fan wander

Since this year, rise from the certain and main area of chrysalis silk supply and demand and cost wait for an element to look, the price appears more apparent rising should be well-founded, because of,even also what the spec acclaims is move. But actual condition is not such. This year first half of the year, chinese chrysalis silk trades the dry chrysalis that market contract orders and B kind price of average closing quotation parts every tons to mix one hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred yuan for fifty-nine thousand seven hundred yuan. If deduct prices and cost factor hind, the value is really inferior, and be in for a long time still this is low wander.

From the Kuang Suan of chrysalis silk gross last year, in deduct a country to close store after that part silk is measured, silk of the chrysalis in current domain supplied course of study of silk of the end of the year to still certain the rest turned last year this year first half of the year, add this year spendable whole nation spring chrysalis quantity, have first half of the year be equivalent to 70 thousand come ton of accident fibrous the supply of chrysalis and silk, and according to custom statistic and market condition of sale in domestic market, the long short staple that the export inside first half of the year needs makes an appointment with 50 thousand tons or so. Can see, it is quite abundant that the raw material first half of the year is supplied. Nevertheless, because serious natural disaster was mixed since second half of the year last year plant diseases and insect pests, no matter the autumn chrysalis last year still is this year spring chrysalis, have quite partial chrysalis is qualitative poorer, the raw material of sex of compose of occurrence finish of market of certain period of time is in short supply, but whole, the raw material first half of the year supplies pressure not quite. This is the reason of the main area side that the price goes up hard.

Reflective supply and demand is the chrysalis of main area, silk, silken at the same time the entrance of commodity of raw material sex, import about 2160 tons silk amount only first half of the year, than last year the corresponding period decreases about 31.17% . What this mirrorred domestic raw material to supply from another flank is abundant, need not abundantly complements from abroad.

In recent years although domestic silk market appeared many window, but our country silk external depend on sb or sth for existence spends not fundamental change. This year first half of the year although product of real silk of raw material sex has better refreshment the gender grows, but the volume of finished products export such as silk dress continues relatively drop substantially, make complete commodity of our country real silk develops the export after propping an import filar quantity and the corresponding period kept balance basically last year (grow about 1% compared to the same period only) . This flatly exit system of quantities made an appointment with chrysalis silk demand and prices up impetus.
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