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3 smell maritime the Silk Road adds debris of merchantman of a bright generatio

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Tall pond of county of electric elephant hill will be located in channel of xinhua net Zhejiang on October 8 3 bays mouth, before paragraph time often has the stranger that carrying an instrument, go to stop in the seaside, move back and forth the instrument in beginning, behavioral range is very big.

More exaggerated is, they use a few fisher recently, put up a maritime platform.

What is this to working?

The expert that they are base of peaceful wave of archaeology of national museum underwater and 3 staff members of prefectural museum. Spoken parts in an opera, it is to come of explore treasure.

Yesterday, management department of 3 counties cultural relic discloses, through a year of much special investigation, there is one to be in relics of culture of underwater of Song Yuan period below this maritime space, this month, the country comes to constituent archaeology team member dig. To moment, hid the treasured object that makes many centuries to will rise to surface.

The gouge 20 years ago coarse bowl

Open veil of relics of culture of 3 bays mouth, it is a 3 door people that call Zhu Chengbiao.

Zhu Chengbiao of 67 years old, the deputy curator of 3 counties museum is before retiring, be hired to be the expert that studies underwater relics instead now.

Conch is OK fire lime, use stucco building. 20 old before, 3 bays mouth a lot of farmers dig conch fire lime on seaside beach besmear. The place that makes Gao Tang in (belong to Ning Bo to resemble hill county) today, the villager people gouge the bowl that follows stone lump in great quantities, some is already broken, some in good condition nondestructive.

This kind of bowl is not bright and clean, not good-looking, the villager people bad to be taken fill a meal, also do not know this kind of bowl has cultural relic value, take each a few come home, regard the Cheng Fang that feed chicken as the household utensils of commissariat, or throw on the ground casually.

Later, cultural relic dealer took a fancy to this kind of bowl, take new bowl to follow the villager people change old bowl, a new bowl changes an old bowl, or a few change newly old. The villager people willing also, was changed about a hundred by cultural relic dealer so.

One day, this thing heard of when Zhu Chengbiao visits relative, persuade the villager put the bowl that wears in the hand to hand in come out, still come back from the cut in hand of cultural relic dealer partial bowl, in all more than 100, put in 3 counties museum. Via expert appraisal, these bowls produce to take the place of at the Song Dynasty, dependency home 3 class cultural relic.

How can the seaside collect so much good-for-nothing or queer character

Besides these bowls, at that time a few villages from vicinity, still find a few cultural relic in succession:

A few bottle that Song Chao produces, call Han bottle in ancient times, action is equivalent to jug, the bottle that appearance promotes high-grade Shaoxing wine with present carry on is about the same;
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