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Silk of Hangzhou business Lu: Lu of ability instead business is inserted on fly

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Limited company of silk of Lu of Zhejiang Hangzhou business takes innovation of science and technology, technology seriously to reform the job very much, in recent years many ability changed a project to win patent, increased many economic benefits for the enterprise, will undertake successfully last year combing combing in afterwards this year in September machine drive reach shield to transform, after boiler frequency conversion is transformed, develop successfully again piece straight model combing machine, this equipment can make a worker machines 20 kilograms of silk every classes to increase 100 kilograms from before, efficiency raised 5 times than before, the mark is worn business Lu company is innovated in the technology, science and technology strode a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position again on innovation job. The reporter revised problem special report with respect to company ability recently Xie Bailiu of president of limited company of silk of Lu of Zhejiang Hangzhou business. Bold and resolute does ability to change

1992, the company increases machine stage number, machine establishing reel silk from cocoons increases 192 from 48 original, in market of whole at that time silk stagnant circumstance falls, filar factory still in order to achieve production value 14.96 million yuan, profit achieves 1.05 million yuan, than going up year more than 20% . Classics of quality of 20/22D raw silk is provincial at the same time examine, obtain certificate of conformity of international standard ISA, after integrated appraise through comparison is assessed, be judged to be Hangzhou city in those days " advanced company " , the Xie Bailiu of savor benefit is right the development of the enterprise will have self-confidence very much henceforth.

For the development of the enterprise, realize taller pursuit, the company is improved to company ability again cross all right " 5 strides " the strategy. 1994, the company invests more than yuan of 1500 augment and the equipment that transformed Xiejia to knit silken factory, established silk spinning factory. Invest more than yuan 40 at the same time, replace the manufacturing technological equipment that knits silken factory, knit silken machine to already increased 42 by 28 original. In initial stage of put into production as a result of silk spinning factory productivity has 1680 ingot-shaped tablet only, cannot form dimensions benefit, raise fund to was added 1996 again sufficient the mechanical equipment of 2100 ingot, the result invests in those days, in those days accrual. Filar factory also by in those days more the name is limited company of silk of Hangzhou business Lu. 1998, company and affiliation of Hangzhou Dali company established knitting mill. 1999, the company invests 5.57 million yuan to enlarge silk spinning dimensions again 1260 ingot, achieve 3360 ingot, at the same time devoted capital changes 192 machine establishing reel silk from cocoons many yuan 300 to be machine of 4 groups of automatic silk, implementation filature is semi-automatic change, produce spun silk in those days 174 tons, sales revenue 31.19 million yuan, achieve gain 2.06 million yuan. 2000, invest 7 million yuan to introduce silk spinning new technology to produce equipment again, after this one project throws production, labor productivity is compared rise formerly 50% , economic benefits rose double, make the enterprise was entered " high grade and efficient, fast and dovish " the road of development.
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