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Value of Guangxi bright chrysalis is little during National Day pick up

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Price of Guangxi bright chrysalis relapses through early days oscillation, during National Day small pick up, rise than early days 0.3, 0.5 yuan, all price level is in 8 yuan / or so jins. Current, the price austral laurel north and laurel comparatives, but also have exception, be like: The pleasant Tang price of the Bin Yang austral laurel still is in 8.8 yuan / or so jins, corresponding chrysalis is in originally 150 thousand odd. As we have learned, causing the value is little cause that rise basically is the chrysalis amount that the near future buys not quite, the pod quality that during adding National Day, buys is better (tall close wants at least before Jie Shu rate is compared 5, 10 percent) , for this, because chrysalis quantity will decrease in succession at the back of concern and many this locality enterprises are brave in to intervene.

National Day grows a holiday, market of Guangxi He Jiaxing all rests city, although be in vacuum phase,bring about silk prices, but pod buys the market and do not have because of this cold and cheerless, especially the chrysalis with those good quality child the popular commodities that is chrysalis business more, because, they think from beginning to end, strong reduction in production anticipates, limited pod amount and autumn chrysalis last season chrysalis child all will show characteristic of its resource sex, the possibility that prospective price drops should be less than the possibility that rise.

Silken factory of the path after forming of bright contrast is us to it and exporter, their view however to it completely contrary, during National Day not only did not make their confidence restores, still accentuated instead the misgive of the city after they are right, fire of ice of true it may be said is double day!

A Jiangsu boss that since silken factory is exporter tells the author, they are current the biggest be anxious is the slow down in demand that American banking crisis causes, and the to RMB exchange rate effect that 700 billion U.S. dollor helps city plan to carry out place to bring, he says: "The influence of financial crisis authority is very clear, but the effect that 700 billion dollar helps city plan to bring everybody is not certain clear. American government makes known his position clearly already to origin of 700 billion dollar will be issued through national debt and be obtained, that means beautiful couplet store will add a money newly to issue again, accordingly, the dollar is new round drop will inevitable, the RMB also can is faced with because of this appreciate tremendously pressure, be in downturn originally in the market, this gives silk exit to generate major blow again undoubtedly " .

Although, we cannot make affirmation or negative judgement to above viewpoint, but it is just and objective that I believe the market is met from beginning to end, so, we should follow objective market rule morely, be in especially current banking crisis is ceaseless aggravate when, it is more important to maintain rational state of mind.
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