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City of Hangzhou China silk 11 enterprises are ablaze division of Chongqing int

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The dress of international of the 6th Chongqing that by government of Chongqing city people and Chinese dress stylist association sponsors section in September 28 - be in 30 days Chongqing international exhibition center is full-dress kick off. City of Hangzhou China silk suffers Hangzhou city silk and female outfit development to lead the commission of group office, organized triumphant happy event benefit of elegant, Dali, all things, mist and clouds in the twilight, the 11 Hangzhou silk such as new silk other people is famous brand enterprise, be fully loaded with colourful " heaven silk " go to Chongqing ginseng to exhibit. This also is afterwards this year in June " Hangzhou silk Jin Lingxiu and Nanjing brand promotion are met " after start shooting of one artillery piece, city of Hangzhou China silk is rolled out in the round " make the Silk Road of going from place to place " the 2nd pace that the plan steps.

Baronial cloth extends scope novel

Division of this second Chongqing clothing has nearly 600 standards to exhibit, in all ginseng of brand of 77 domestic and international dress is exhibited. The brand is revealed is rich collects domestic outstanding dress to exhibit more of the meeting numerous long, use install especially reveal, the product is on sale, trends is exhibited perform the way that waits for union, provided the stage of show of contest of high-quality goods of a dress. The Chinese silk city that represents Hangzhou silk among them exhibits area gross area to amount to 500 more than square metre, figure spy outfit makes person eye shines, the spot exhibits tablecloth bureau novel, delicate air, the conception of silk and bamboo, Rou Yugang the character with particular silk and spot atmosphere ably confluence is together, exhibit from numerous dress show itself in the area, attracted many customer stop view and admire, drove further prolong the person energy of life with flourishing area, promoted spot sale.

Two ground negotiate the brand is interactive

On September 28, yu Hang classics of two ground city appoint leader and entrepreneur delegate assemble in, attended " manufacturers of 2008 Yu Hangsi silken clothing negotiate meeting " . Yu Hangshuang just undertakes communication with respect to current situation of respective garment industry, chongqing city classics appoint the commercial dominant position that vice director Ma Mingyuan introduced Chongqing history and geography to go up. Hangzhou city classics appoint director Zhao Ji will express, two cities should enter prospective Yu Hang in all hand in hand, promote the development of Chinese garment industry from this. After the meeting, come from the commerce such as general merchandise of Chongqing general merchandise, new century general merchandise, well of king government office purchase a group to express strong interest to Hangzhou silk, through face-to-face negotiate butt joint, final triumphant happy event the enterprise all found the Hangzhou silk brand such as embroider of other people of benefit of elegant, Dali, all things, silk, clean place's proper agency, partial silk industry still expresses to build a plant into change of purpose.
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